It’s Not Easy Going Back to School

By | June 11, 2021
It's Not Easy Going Back to School

Returning to school after the holidays was not easy! I missed a lot from my blog and also my Facebook page. In fact, I’m pushing, suddenly I’m sick 24 hours a day. For 1 month I did not stop coughing, coughing. Accompanied by a fever (once a week, that’s right lol) and convulsions with or without a fever. Currently the cough has almost disappeared, the fever less often (once a month), but the pain is more present than ever. About once a week I’m stuck with the pain, I can’t even move a finger! When I go to bed I just can’t get up. If they help me get up, I’ll walk like a grandma, step by step, with my back bent and anything but glamorous!

And it’s a big vicious circle: I lie down to rest, but the more I rest, the worse it gets. On the contrary, if I try to move, to walk, the hours will go by on its own. But it takes a lot of courage to stand up and move while suffering the ordeal.

And when no one sees that I am alone, in my room, in the vegetative state that does not move, well, I can go 24 hours without messages and no one is worried XD! In these months it doesn’t work at all! So I’m really late for class and homework, I missed the job too, it’s pretty messy!

I haven’t really had a huge boost since 2004 and here I have to say I was served! When I’m in remission, I do a little of everything. I go out, I have fun, I sleep when I have time or too badly, I rest more, basically I don’t care: – / well, we pay dearly after -_- “I’m fine” to learn .. !!! I hope you are well, that there are not too many blows in the air 😉 Give your news!

Everything is arranged …
From the beginning I continued: a cold that lasts 2/3 months, an ear infection that lasts 1 month, and recently a loss of 8 kg in 10 days, I was hallucinating. Now it seems to be better: the ear infection is almost gone, the cold causes me more fever, I don’t care and I’m losing more weight! anyway not in the amount of almost 1kg / day lol!

It was the new “health”! In a completely different area: school and studies are going well. But it’s a more than stressful year: exams in May loool I still don’t have 5 months of repetitions … finally manage to combine homework (it’s 30 in total, I’ve already returned 13 …) + internship + repetitions + my job and it won’t be easy!

At the moment I only do the homework + the revisions of the work in mid-December, and the internship (if everything goes well) should start in January: creating an event (neighborhood festival) + creating a “mini diary”. I would say more next time 😉

Soon the end-of-year party: my friends, I will be absent on Facebook from Friday, and until next year lol January what: p because I am going to Lisbon, at the end of the year, even with snowfall, I think my flight should not be canceled because of departures Have priority. Departures from airports that are not “blocked” by snow

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