My name is Milyfanie. I want to share my life, my emotions, my daily hopes since I got systemic lupus erythematosus. Many people ask themselves: Well, I’ve never heard of this disease! In Latin, Lupus translates to Le Loup or Le Loup.

In fact, too few people know him, and I feel the need to convey and reveal what my life has been over the past ten years and still today. I was diagnosed with the disease when I was 23. Most people are women, but sometimes men are affected as well.

This disease is called: orphan.
We don’t know the exact cause. Stability is possible, but we are never immune to a nudge. He remains invisible.

Sometimes you don’t know that I’m sick. However, I take heavy treatments and feel very tired. The symptoms initially subsided with severe depression, weight loss, and flare-ups. I also had joint pain and swelling. It was a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with the disease based on the results of blood tests. Then a wolf mask appeared on my face in the form of spots.

Then I was diagnosed with kidney disease. I almost lost both kidneys. Without treatment, all vital organs can be affected.

It is an insidious disease whose dangers and consequences for our social, emotional and professional life no one can foresee. Because of this, I will share 10 years of life with you. I think people with this disease will make history in the end. And if you don’t know, you can understand that diseases are not always visible. So we can stop judging without knowing it.